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When easilett first received the call from Tenants History explaining how their service works and its intended offering to landlords, agents and indeed good tenants, we welcomed the concept with open arms.  Current checks and referencing methods certainly help landlords and agents to determine their applicants' financial status but there's a huge black veil over how well the previous tenancies were really conducted.  It's common for landlords/agents, who are desperately hoping to move on their bad tenants, to provide good references in the hope that their tenancy problems will soon be moved on to the next landlord/agent.  If they were honest then the next agent or landlord would steer clear so what choice do the landlords/agents really have but to cast off where possible?

With the Tenants History scheme landlords and agents can rate and review previous tenants after they have vacated, therefore providing the opportunity for landlords and agents to be more honest about the tenants.  If a tenant's name is recorded with a low rating and no comments then that's enough to warn future landlords and agents they should probably select a different applicant.  But tenants with good ratings should make landlords and agents pretty comfortable that the reviews are genuine

Rating tenants with this service is of course dependent upon the tenants providing authority for landlords/agents to review them, but as we see it they would agree and sign up to this before each tenancy starts and therefore will be aware that how they will be rated will depend on how their tenancy is conducted.  With a good review the tenants are happy that their future landlords can see they are in fact an excellent choice of tenant.

So easilett has embraced this service and feels that as the database grows it could become a valuable tool for landlords, agents and tenants alike.

Pauline French (easilett - Letting Agent in Lincoln)


We are a well-established estate/letting agent situated in the heart of Plumstead.  We have been managing properties and finding tenants for 10 years.  When Tenants History was first introduced to us we thought it was the most intuitive idea that we have come across in our field of work.  We very quickly agreed that we would work with Tenants History and are now uploading all our tenants to the website.  We are now able to inform tenants that their behaviour in our properties will be recorded onto the Tenants History website.

Tenants are happy to sign the declaration allowing their information to be added to the website.  This is an easy, fast efficient way to inform other landlords and letting agents of a tenants rental history.

Uploading to the website is quick and simple and as a very busy letting agent we are very pleased that a service has finally been offered that does not take up valuable time.

I look forward to this website growing and being able to not only add tenants but also be able to check on any perspective future tenants history.

Toni London (Eden Estates)


I've been banging on about it for years to anyone that would listen. This is just what the Letting's Industry has been crying out for...a tripadvisor site for good and bad tenants. Finally Tenants History has come up with a solution to help the Landlord and their agents in the fight back against the serial defaulter and tenant from hell problem. I used to be in the Insurance business and for years had to literally accept a prospective client's word that they'd never previously had any claims. I said back then that this industry needed a central register to log all claims. Well now they've got one and so too have now have we.  Lets wish Tenants History and the Lettings industry every success with this initiative which needs support from us all to finally put a stop the problem of "bad tenants " continually re-offending against Landlords.

Stephen Facey (Capitol Management)


Harper & Tweedie are new to Tenants History but we are finding that when we put the proposal to Landlords they agree that its will be a useful tool in maintaining a good level quality of tenants. In the same way that good tenants have no objections to their details being uploaded and I think the process will make all tenants think, in future, about how they act during tenancies.

Jacqui Hardie (Harper & Tweedie Property Agents)


I think this is a great idea.  I live overseas and rented my property out to what I thought was a professional lady.  How wrong was I?  She certianly kows how to play the system and we lost out in rent plus had to pay court fees to evict her.  I can't believe she had more rights than we did and we were the landlords!  If there was a website like this we could have seen her bad history and would have stayed well away.  I certainly will share this website with others so they are not in the same situation.  Well done Tenants History.

Caroline Minords (Landlord)


Steven Hanbury contacted our organisation last month informing us of the services offered by Tenants History.  I must admit that the service offered is very good and very useful and more importantly it is a non cost service. I do believe that it is very important to be able to vet and to receive prospective tenants.  Furthermore I believe that this is important as it will help to maintain a good quality of tenants. It is also a useful tool as it helps letting agents and landlords collaborate with each other, which is vital.  I have no hesitation in recommending Steven and his service to all my contacts.

Con Georgiles (Smoros Real Estate)


Steven Hanbury (Director) visited our organisation a few months ago and I must say from day one, I was very impressed about the no cost service.  In particular a massive advantage of being an active member is the search facility which has come into play already.  One of my tenants was searched by another letting agent in the area, therefore the tenant was actively looking to move.  I received an instant e-mail alert stating that my tenant had been searched. Therefore I had time to meet with the tenant, inspect the property and ask what their requirements were.  I was able to offer them another property which enabled me to retain the tenant.

I would highly recommend the service to other Letting Agents and Landlords.

Tom Wyers (Foxwood Residential Property Agents)


I think Tenants History is the best idea yet.  It is about time that something was done about bad tenants as well as the good. Plus it's a tool for the good landlords as we consider ourselves to be.  We are only a family that lets houses and we sometimes miss the information that we should be aware of. It is extremely hard when you do get a bad tenant, as we have recently, which cost us thousands of pounds that we can ill afford.  It makes a nice change for something to be for the good landlord and not completely for the tenant no matter how bad or irresponsible they might be.  All this and for free - well how good is that.

Lesley Tillett (Landlord)


I have been a member of Tenants History for some time now and I will always highly recommend their service to other landlords and letting agents.  Furthermore I have been very impressed with their Bad Tenant Early Bird Warning Service, which is brilliant.

Mary Jacobs (Landlord)


The most common issue for landlords are problem tenants! As a large landlord company with a high turnover of tenants, both good and bad, what better way than for us to warn others about our bad tenants than to place them on Tenants History. This way the re-offenders are less likely to damage any future properties or run off with rent owing if they know perspective landlords have already been warned.

In addition this totally FREE service encourages "good" tenant ratings, helping to ensure future landlords are renting their properties to the right clientele.

Kayla Perry (London Housing Solutions)



I very much welcome the service provided by Tenant’s History. I have been impressed with their easy to use, informative website and their friendly approach. We are not only a Lettings Agency but also Landlord’s ourselves and like most in this business we have come across our fair share of ‘bad’ tenants. Tenant’s History should help to make it a lot harder for those ‘bad’ tenants to find accommodation in the future.

Helen McCauley (Lakedale Estates)


We have been using Tenants History for a couple of months now, and consider it to be one of the most valuable tools for an Estate Agent.

We access the site daily to find local tradesman, to enter new tenants from our database or to check the rating of a prospective tenant.  A brilliant, easy to use service!

Kale Browne (Hopeton Estate Agents)


Tenants History is a really great idea and it's refreshing to be able to highlight good as well as bad tenants.  I have been using the site for a few months and it's very easy to use and Steven Hanbury is always on the end of the phone if I have any questions.  There is nothing out there like this, I have had no problem recommending the service to my family and friends. 

Jay Leaney (Leaney Property Rentals - Landlord)


It gives me great pleasure to speak up about Steven Hanbury and Tenants History. I have had a very good response from them whenever I have called for information and help.

Steve and his team made me feel at ease and gave me the answers I was looking for! I will not hesitate to call back whenever I need his advice.

Pasquale Polzella (Landlord)


TenantsHistory  is a quality service for landlords/letting agents. There is nothing worse than a bad tenant and these guys help eliminate this possibility.

@ContactCounts via Twitter

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