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Good tenants have nothing to fear from Tenants History, If you rate yourself as a good tenant, you will want your landlord to register you with Tenants History and give a rating on your stay when you move.  This will provide a history of all your tenancies for many years to come and in fact you can use it as an addtitional referencing tool, for future perspective landlords.

If you disagree with your rating:

If your existing or past landlord has registered you with this website, you have the right to view your record  Please note there is an admin charge of £10 per request.  For further information please use the contact box below.

We will request for you to send us proof of your full name and date of birth i.e. photocopy of your passport/birth certificate.

If you are listed and rated but disagree with your rating, please contact the Compliance Officer at Tenants History with your contact details.  The compliance officer will take up your case and contact you immediately.

The Compliance Officer will ask for evidence from you such as:-

  • Letter of the outcome from any deposit scheme dispute arbitrator.
  • Copy of your contract including Tenants Acknowledgement Form.
  • Records of correspondence between you and the landlord.
  • Bank statements or other to prove rent payments.
  • Photographs of the condition before and after occupation.
  • A statement from you the tenant containing a factual description of the circumstances of your claim.  This must not contain any element of opinion or speculation.

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