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How much have you lost choosing the wrong tenant by not checking their past history?

Basic tenant referencing checks are not sufficient to protect a landlord against the possibility of future arrears, research shows that a very high number of tenants we've vetted have one or more CCJ recorded at an undisclosed address.

While this information shows up in basic references - which verifies that the tenant is who they say they are, there is a far more alarming picture which emerges from full referencing checks.

For example, we find a significant percentage of self-employed applicants were unable to provide tax returns or acceptable proof of income and several applicants provided false employment details.

Registering all of your tenants with Tenants History together with other landlords, will create a comprehensive database of tenants.  This will enable you and your fellow landlords choose the best tenant for your property. 

The Tenants History website displays the contact details of all registered landlords when searching for prospective tenants.  If required, this will enable you to approach the existing or previous landlord for a reference.  You can view the tenants' residential address history, contract dates and a rating from the previous landlord.  As the Tenants History database grows in size, it will become an indispensable tool that will save you time and money.

Have you ever received from a prospective tenant, references and contact details covering 10 years of renting property? Probably not.  In the future Tenants History will be able to provide this service, when all landlords register their tenants.

Are you always the last person to know when your tenant is looking to move?  With Tenants History you will be informed by e-mail when your registered tenant approaches another registered landlord for accommodation.  For instance when your tenant is searched by another landlord this will trigger an e-mail instantly to you from Tenants History, stating that your tenant has approached another landlord and is considering moving.  This may provide you with more time to contact the tenant and inspect the property prior to their departure.  Also it could prevent the tenant leaving the property in a mess, not paying the last months rent etc. effectively saving loss of profit.  Why not be the first to know that your tenant is looking to move and NOT the last!

As experienced landlords, we at Tenants History believe that your tenants are more likely to respect your property if they know that their behaviour - good or bad - will be recorded and may be circulated to other landlords, in this rapidly growing community.  What are you doing to protect yourself and fellow landlords for the future?

Why take the risk with the next tenant by not checking them out first with Tenants History?

REGISTER NOW to take advantage of this FREE service:www.tenantshistory.co.uk/register


Better judgement will save you time, money and effort!


"Safeguarding Landlords for the Future"

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