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Where did the idea for Tenants History orginiate?

Tenants History is a unique service designed to safeguard Landlords by highlighting the GOOD tenants and enabling others to view a true representation of a tenant’s residential history.

As a family of landlords with a portfolio of residential "buy to let" properties spanning a 40 year period, we've dealt with our fair share of good and bad tenants.

Whilst the majority of tenants have been a pleasure, there are those who wreck properties or leave with rent arrears outstanding.  This then costs us landlords hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.

In addition we’ve experienced everything from credit checks not telling us the full story to falsified references from non-existent landlords. In the past we’ve been told "I have been living in Spain for 2 years" or “I have been living with my parents for the last year" before finally finding out this was not always the case and the tenant had simply vacated a property in the area with no warning to the landlord! Unfortunately these tenants usually leave with rent arrears or damage to the properties and, of course, it’s left to the landlord to foot the bill.

In March 2010 my Father and I discussed the idea of tenants being "rated" by their landlord or letting agent once they have vacated the property. Our goal was to start creating a footprint or history of the tenant’s details, a rating, contract dates and contact details of the landlord/agent, should anybody wished to gain a finer reference.

Since our launch I have been pleased by the level of positivity regarding Tenants History and the feedback has been truly fantastic.


Steven Hanbury


Tenants History Ltd.

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