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Can Tenants History benefit Tenants?

This is a question we are asked on a often. Can Tenants History HELP tenants? The simple answer is YES!  The best way to explain exactly how we can help tenants is to give you an actual case that we dealt with, below is an outline of what happened and the outcome.



Tenant was made redundant in the summer of 2011 and fell behind on his rent  payments.

Within a few months the tenant managed to find a job and worked extra shifts and overtime to pay back arrears to the landlord, prioritizing his landlord over other outstanding loan payments.

In a short time he paid back the landlord all outstanding debt with no issue.

The tenant decided to move in 2012. He left with no rent arrears however when a credit search was conducted by his prospective landlord, he was rejected due to falling behind on loan payments the previous year.

Through Tenants History the prospective landlord was able to contact the tenants previous landlord for a more in depth rental history.

The previous landlord was then able to explain, on behalf of the tenant, the unfortunate situation he faced last year and highlighted that he was in fact a GREAT tenant who brought his rent arrears up to date before leaving the property.

The tenant, even after failing his credit check, was able to gain the property through the statement made by his previous landlord!

Cases like the one above are common and the team at Tenants History were happy that our service was able to assist somebody who was far from a BAD tenant and had simply faced a tough year. With the help of landlords speaking to each other this tenant was able to continue renting properties without the bad credit check results affecting the outcome!



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